Terms of Use


1. About the Service

  • Users shall prepare facilities such as communication devices, software, and line environment for their own responsibility and burden in using this service.
  • The Services consist of the provision of information and other services conducted through this Site.

2. Changes to these Terms

  • The Company may change these Terms and Conditions in a manner determined by the Company without obtaining the consent of the User, in which case the terms of provision, etc. shall be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions after the change.
  • Any changes to the Rules shall be effective as of the time we post the changes on the Service page.

3. Party Member Notices

The Company shall notify users of matters necessary for them to use the Service by posting on the pages of the Service and in other ways and to the extent deemed appropriate by the Company.
The notice set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be effective from the time the Company posts the contents of such notice on the Service page.

4. copyright

The copyright of the contents, screen design, and any other works of authorship such as pages provided by the Company in this service shall belong to the Company or a person designated by the Company.

5. fees for this service

There is no charge for using this service.

6. Abolish the discontinuation

The Company may temporarily suspend the Service without prior notice or consent to the User if the Company determines that any of the following applies.

  • In the event of repair due to failure of facilities necessary for the provision of this service, etc.
  • If we are unable to provide the Services due to force majeure
  • To back up data necessary for the provision of this service, etc.
  • For other operational or technical reasons.

7. ads, etc.

The Company may display advertisements provided by third parties on the pages of this service, and such advertisements are displayed under the responsibility of the advertisement provider, and the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, legality, etc. of such advertisements and assumes no responsibility for them.

8. matters not provided for in these Terms

Matters not provided for in this Agreement If any doubt arises regarding the provisions of this Agreement, it shall be resolved amicably after consultation.